I'm a student that likes to code! I am the creator of Feline Strike, and do pretty much everything by myself, including developing and marketing.

Release Date for Windows 10 Announced

Destroying a Cruiser

After three years of off and on development, I am now within a week of releasing Feline Strike. The game will become available for download on the Windows Store for both desktop and mobile on Monday the 18th of January.

All of the updates and features that I have written about will be included, and more features will be developed in the next month or so, to be released as soon as possible. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this game and give me some good ratings in the store!

I know many of you are Android users, and you will not have to wait too long. I am hoping for a mid-March release for Android, supporting version 4.3 and above. Feline Strike is being developed with the MonoGame engine, an open-source implementation of XNA. This means that I will need to start testing the Android version as quickly as possible to stay on schedule. Once both the Windows and Android versions are stable, you can expect for features to be release symmetrically.

Beta Version 0.5.2 Released



Just released is the new version, 0.5.2, for the beta testers. This is the first version to be fully released for the beta testers since the suspension of the project over a year ago, and includes some small improvements over version 0.5.1.

  • Improved AI allows the enemy ships to boost away when damaged, and make better decisions.
  • Game now supports GamePads, joystick support is in the works.
  • Simplified interface code, which means scrolling does not work; drag instead.
  • Tweaked job board, but still not ready yet.

Merry Christmas!

Split view of Map and Store

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all are doing well, as I am. Development on Feline Strike has gone slower than I wanted over the break, but it is still going. I am still confident in my early January deadline for development completion. We shall see.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and remember that He is the reason for the season.

Updated Timetable for Launch

WarpgateAs you can see, my proposed early December release date did not quite work out as I would have liked, as development is a little behind schedule. I am working as fast as is reasonably possible considering my relatively bust schedule.

What I have planned is a January release on Windows 10 for desktop and tablet, and maybe mobile if I can get it sufficiently tested by then. Then, and only then, will I begin ramping up the Android release. My projected release date is Friday, the 15th of January. This means that all major development must be finished by about the start of the year. This gives me about three weeks to get everything finished, which is something I am ready to do!

Introducing Asteroid Mining

Mining a Titanium AsteroidAsteroid mining is another one of those ways to earn money, and it turns out to be a pretty good gig. Once you buy the mining laser, all you have to do is scan a nearby asteroid to begin mining. It turns out to be pretty profitable, especially early on in the game.

All of the asteroids yield one of the types of ore: titanium, silicon, iron, tungsten, and others. Obviously, the more valuable ores are harder to find, so there is reward in going to the far reaches of the system in search of precious commodities.

First Look at the Job Board

Job BoardThe job board will be one of the primary ways that you are able to make money in the game. Through this you can get jobs like intercepting convoys, fighting off pirates, among other things. As a result, you will make your primary income as a mercenary, doing jobs on the side if you want.

The job board will not be available at the beginning, but will become available at the end of the main storyline. This is because you are technically in the Cat Navy, so you can’t really do jobs on the side.

Feline Strike Development Timetable

A ship stopped near a Warpgate.

Development of Feline Strike is approaching completion, and I would like to publish a time table so that you all know when important things will begin to happen.

Completion and Submission

Hopefully I will have development done by the end of November, when I will package the game up and get it off to Microsoft so it can be published. My target launch date on Windows 10 is Saturday, December 12th, but hopefully it will be published before then, if development can be expedited.

Android Development

Development for the Android platform should begin as soon as some revenue is generated from the Windows 10 launch. It should be available in early 2016, hopefully by February, if bug fixes and stabilization of Windows 10 doesn’t slow the port.

In conclusion, most of the development is done and I will be focusing on marketing the game and getting it ready for the launch.

Introducing Feline Strike

Welcome to the new Feline Strike website! Feline Strike is a mobile game soon to be launched on Windows 10.

In a galaxy far, far away, three superpowers rule the galaxy: the Cats, Dogs, and Opossums. They have lived with a fragile peace for many years, but now war has broken out between the Cats and the Opossums. You take the role of Nathanael Robbins, a young recruit in the Catish Navy. Follow his story as he fights massive Opossum fleets and takes part in dangerous missions. But his greatest enemy is from within, for the Catish government has been infiltrated.

Follow his mission as he not only fights the attacking Opossums, but tries to unravel the espionage within the Catish Spacefleet.