Galactic War Redefined, With Cats

Feline Strike LogoIn a galaxy far, far away, three superpowers rule the galaxy: the Cats, Dogs, and Opossums. They have lived with a fragile peace for many years, but now war has broken out between the Cats and the Opossums. You take the role of Nathanael Robbins, a young recruit in the Catish Navy. Follow his story as he fights massive Opossum fleets and takes part in dangerous missions. But his greatest enemy comes not fro the Opossums, but from within, because the Catish government has been infiltrated at the highest levels.

Follow his mission as he not only fights the attacking Opossums, but tries to unravel the espionage within the Catish Spacefleet.


Epic Space Battles

Take part in strategic battles during the storyline, including several major engagements in the galactic war. Battle swarms of enemy fighters, battlecruisers, and entire enemy fleets. Use all kinds of weapons like lasers, railguns, torpedos, missiles, and nukes to achieve your objective and get out alive. Get special equipment like cloaking devices and boosters to help you charge into battle, or perhaps to escape a tight situation.

Split view of Map and Store

An Expansive Universe

Feline Strike includes over one hundred visitable systems for you to explore, and many include special people to meet and products to purchase.

Each system has its own level of technology, rated from 1 to 10. In general, it is higher near the capital of each faction. Thus, more special equipment and ships can be found there, as well as greater opportunity to earn money. Speaking of money…

Job Board

Story and Mission Driven Gameplay

Choose between a story-driven and mission-driven gameplay, or do both! Whatever you decide, there are an endless number of missions you can do to make some cash, as well as a riveting storyline of a galactic war that will keep you occupied for hours. Missions can be completed during and after the storyline is completed, and allow you to continue making money while exploring the universe. Also, take advantage of several mini-stories along the way!

Other Features

  • Tons of ships and hundreds of weapons and modules
  • Stunning visuals suitable for 4K gameplay
  • High-quality 3D soundtrack
  • Supports accelerometer and joystick input

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