Get Ready For a Massive Upgrade!

I’m sure you have all noticed a lack of recent activity on the website and the store. I haven’t updated the app since early last year! But I assure you that a big upgrade is in the works!

Feline Strike LogoI am now in college and that has been a significant change of pace. I started this project in high school but continued with it until now. It has been an enjoyable experience, and the wait will be worth it. I have been spending the time getting the game certified through the ID@Xbox progam. As you may have noticed, this new logo with the Xbox watermark has been showing up on some recent pages, as I am getting very close to release. While I can’t make any promises, you can be sure it will be in Q1 of 2018.

So What’s New in the Upgrade?

A lot. This upgrade includes not just Xbox Live features, but numerous game improvements. For some perspective, I have made over two hundred individual changes since the last version, according to my source control. Here are a few notable examples:

New Navigation System

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there is an entirely new map system. It uses a new hexagonal system instead of the old square system, which is not only more useful, it looks way more awesome.

Another nice feature is the transit network that becomes available after you finish the main storyline. For a small fee, you can use the network to shoot you across the galaxy over a network of connected trade routes. This is very handy and makes travelling long distances a whole lot easier.

Updated Everything

There is not a single part of the game that has gone without an upgrade. There are three new ships, all of which are specialized or upper level, so you have more ships to grow into! I have improved many issues with navigation, weapons, controls, scanning, and AI. All of the NPC ships in the game have a new AI program, so you will likely notice that they will be a little harder to kill and will be more realistic with their actions. They also have the ability to boost, and some will even be able to cloak!

Xbox Live Features

Last but certainly not least, is Xbox Live functionality. You will now have the full host of features that you always hoped you have: achievements, stats, and leaderboards. All of the gamesaves and settings will sync with your Xbox Live account, so you can play across all your devices. As of right now, the game will still only be available on Windows 10 desktop and mobile, but I hope that an Xbox One version may be in the cards. There are no plans to implement multiplayer right now, but that may change in the future.

Well, I hope you all had a great new years and enjoyed this update. Remember, the big release is coming soon!


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I'm a student that likes to code! I am the creator of Feline Strike, and do pretty much everything by myself, including developing and marketing.
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