Update Adds Global Achievements

Mining a Titanium Asteroid

Version 1.5.0 of Feline Strike has been released which includes global achievements for the game and adds additional improvements.

Game Achievements

The first major addition is global achievements, which in the near future will replace medals within the game. The section that currently displays medal for the player will soon be replaced with a storyline description. Then you can see where you are in the storyline.

Why is this happening? Because these achievements work better with platforms that use game achievements and leaderboards. Now I can integrate these services into the game.

Check out the descriptions and let me know if you have any ideas for more achievements!

Improved Survival Mode

The survival mode has been updated to make it easier. Sort of. Now fewer enemies spawn in each wave. Now it is a little easier to survive more waves.

Updated Education System

By default, when you install a new item type, like a booster or cloak, the game shows you how to use that new module. However, those hints only showed how to use the keyboard or mouse. Now they will show how to do it in the mobile version with mobile-specific instructions.

New Difficulty Levels

Easy, Normal, and Hard seemed too generic. So I changed the names to Normal, Veteran, and Heroic to add a little more originality into the game. (Hat tip to HALO!)

I hope you enjoy the new additions to the game in this version and I will keep you updated for more changes that will be coming very soon!

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I'm a student that likes to code! I am the creator of Feline Strike, and do pretty much everything by myself, including developing and marketing.
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