Aran and Chimera Stations Open For Business


Version 1.3.1 is now available on Windows 10, and it includes the new Aran and Chimera stations, which are sure to pique your interest with new markets and special abilities.

The Chimera Black Market

First off, the Chimera system is host to a black market, where you can get almost anything. It will be at a a higher price though, since it is the black market. The system is run by pirates, but they don’t mind you if you just ignore them and go about your business. Although the system has a tech level of eight, you can actually buy items above that level.

The Aran Church Station

The other system in the outer reaches is the Aran station. This station is home to a pastor who also happens to own a special warpgate. You can use it to travel to anywhere in the galaxy. This is especially helpful when you buy a ship at Chimera, because you can still leave the system using this gate.

I hope you like what I have so far, and let me know if there are any other features you would like to see. You can always use the feedback page to get in touch.

Now Available for Just $2.99!

Split view of Map and Store

Feline Strike is now available for just $2.99 on the Windows Store! I decided to lower the price so that people aren’t scared away by the price. That way, more people can enjoy it!

New Features Available In This Version

Copperhead mining shipAlso, I’ve included some much anticipated changes in this update. First of all, you can now buy in-game credits through in-app purchases. You can do this by going to the settings menu while docked at a station. At the moment, you can buy $50,000, $100,000, and $500,000 credits from the store.

Most of the other improvements are minor, like miscellaneous bug fixes. I have done some more work on the Copperhead mining ship though. The ship has additional engines down on the container arms, which were not included in the last version but which are included now.

What’s Next?

Right now I’m pretty busy with school, so don’t expect too much too soon. However, I have already started working on the Aran and Chimera systems, which appear as outlaw systems on the outside of the map. This will be available soon.

Hope you guys are enjoying what I’ve got so far, and be prepared for some more cool stuff and add-ons coming to Feline Strike, as soon as I get some time for it!