Release Date for Windows 10 Announced

Destroying a Cruiser

After three years of off and on development, I am now within a week of releasing Feline Strike. The game will become available for download on the Windows Store for both desktop and mobile on Monday the 18th of January.

All of the updates and features that I have written about will be included, and more features will be developed in the next month or so, to be released as soon as possible. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this game and give me some good ratings in the store!

I know many of you are Android users, and you will not have to wait too long. I am hoping for a mid-March release for Android, supporting version 4.3 and above. Feline Strike is being developed with the MonoGame engine, an open-source implementation of XNA. This means that I will need to start testing the Android version as quickly as possible to stay on schedule. Once both the Windows and Android versions are stable, you can expect for features to be release symmetrically.

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I'm a student that likes to code! I am the creator of Feline Strike, and do pretty much everything by myself, including developing and marketing.
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