Feline Strike Development Timetable

A ship stopped near a Warpgate.

Development of Feline Strike is approaching completion, and I would like to publish a time table so that you all know when important things will begin to happen.

Completion and Submission

Hopefully I will have development done by the end of November, when I will package the game up and get it off to Microsoft so it can be published. My target launch date on Windows 10 is Saturday, December 12th, but hopefully it will be published before then, if development can be expedited.

Android Development

Development for the Android platform should begin as soon as some revenue is generated from the Windows 10 launch. It should be available in early 2016, hopefully by February, if bug fixes and stabilization of Windows 10 doesn’t slow the port.

In conclusion, most of the development is done and I will be focusing on marketing the game and getting it ready for the launch.

About Ramsay

I'm a student that likes to code! I am the creator of Feline Strike, and do pretty much everything by myself, including developing and marketing.
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