Get Ready For a Massive Upgrade!

I’m sure you have all noticed a lack of recent activity on the website and the store. I haven’t updated the app since early last year! But I assure you that a big upgrade is in the works! I am now in college and that has been a significant change...

First Look at New and Improved Map

Its been a long time since I have posted here, but the reason is that I have been very bust working on other projects as well as making some HUGE changes to Feline Strike. Here is a first look at the new map system that will be coming soon. Square...

Update Adds Global Achievements

Version 1.5.0 of Feline Strike has been released which includes global achievements for the game and adds additional improvements. Game Achievements The first major addition is global achievements, which in the near future will replace medals within the game. The section that currently displays medal for the player will soon be...

Windows 10 Mobile Now Supported

Feline Strike version 1.4 includes support for the newly released Windows 10 Mobile, as well as some improvements and new features. Although Feline Strike could be downloaded onto Windows 10 phones before this release, it had not been tested and some bugs were present. New Integrations and Controls Feline Strike...

Aran and Chimera Stations Open For Business

Version 1.3.1 is now available on Windows 10, and it includes the new Aran and Chimera stations, which are sure to pique your interest with new markets and special abilities. The Chimera Black Market First off, the Chimera system is host to a black market, where you can get almost anything....
Expansive Universe

Expansive Universe

Over a hundred star systems are visitable in the universe, including special systems that offer special ships and equipment.
Realistic Space Combat

Realistic Space Combat

Engage in massive space battles with tons of ships, and utilize all kinds of weapons, such as mass drivers, missiles, and nukes.
Upgrade your Ship

Upgrade your Ship

You can access more than 20 unique ships and install a wide array of weapons, shields, armor, and other equipment on your ship.

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